What are addressable pixel LEDs
A pixel LED is a specially developed light souce that produces colour from 3 tiny LEDs mounted inside a 5050 LED package. Unlike a standard RGB LED, a digital pixel LED has a small micro processor that controls the RGB light source individually in a domino type sequence.
Each individual pixel LED passes the data command on to the next one in sequence, this in turn creates a dramatic colour flow effect that travels along the LED strip.
The pixel LED is also mappable, so you can control each LED by a computor program to generate stunning visual effects. In more advanced systems such as our LED POISON range of videoFLEX, you can stream video to the LEDS.
The LEDs featured are WS2811, WS2812 LEDS. They are used extensively across the entire Digitaltape product range as they are reliable and very robust.
The colours are vibrant with excellent gray scale and dimming properties for such a compact 5050
SMD component.
WS2811 - WS2812 LEDs
The physical dimensions are 5 x 5mm, they are avaliable in both 4 and 6 pin versions. Digitaltape use both the 4 and 6 pin versions depending on
type and application.
Voltage 5 - 5.5 VCC
Updates for 2016
Digitaltape will offer both white and black faced WS2812 LEDs from Q2 2016. The advantage of the black faced LED is that it minimises the visablilty of the LED package when mounted on a black LED pixel strip. This added feature will be popular for TV and stage productions when used on dark stage and studio sets. The black facia reduces the visible package 40% from 5 x 5mm to aprox 3mm.
Addressable LEDs can easily be controlled by our "Digitiser" pixel controller, it uses extensive software to simplify pixel complex, it generates stunning visual effects in just 24 DMX channels. Full pixel mapping is also a feature of the "Digitiser". Read more about the "Digitiser"
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