RGB strip versus addressable LED strip lights
What is the difference between RGB and addressable LED strip?
The first thing to compare is the purpose of both types of LED strips, lets start with standard RGB strip and its 2D perspective. The LEDs are all controlled as one long group, so they all change colour together creating thousands of beautiful colours. Ideal for highlighting coves, under pelmits, around features, Shelving etc just to name a few.
This type of 2D lighting has been around now for many years whereas 3D LED strip lights such as addressable strip, is a recently new entry on to the market. It has many more benifits especially sequencial LED pixel control.
What is pixel control? It is where the LEDs can be separately addressed so that control of the light is much more precise. Many more exciting 3D effects can be achieved such as light moving along the strip in any direction or speed. This type of light creates emotion with added WOW factor.
The Digital tape company have harnest this new technology by creating "Liquid colour®", a digital addressable strip that can create exquisite evironments that benifit from instant effects such as Flame, Sunset, Comet, Rainbow and Sparkle, however more sophistical hues and shades can be achieved as control of the light is limitless.
How can pixel addressable strip be controlled?
​​Pixel LEDs are general complex, yet very impressive when controlled professionally. Using dedicated pixel drivers such as the "Digitiser" from Digital tape helps simplify control by adopting macro technology. Macros help reduce the number of channels needed to control the addressable strip to just 24 DMX channels. In this mode the digitiser will generate hundreds of visual effects.
Products such as Madrix are ideal for large scale pixel mapping or video applications of LED pixel lighting, The Digitiser is capable of both simple 24 channel macro mode or full individual pixel mapping mode used by lighting designers on TV studio set like Xfactor and Strickly come dancing.
The 3D strip can still be used to mimick RGB LED strips when used conventionally or burst in to action as a fully pixel mapped display of individual LED control or be simplified using the magical effects created by the "Digitiser".
View the video showing its amazing effects.
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