1. Managing Director
Location: Prodigy The day is my enermy tour UK
Lighting Designer: Andy Hurst
Set Design:  HSL Andy Hurst
Set Construction: HSL
Featured Product: Digital tape DD-SD-60-5V
Prodigy - The day is my enermy tour
Simon Deary, former MD of UK based LedPoison approached the new LedPoison owners Digital in late February to design and develop a bespoke lighting solution for the Prodigy up and coming 'The day is my enermy tour' for LD Andy Hurst. Working with HSL in Blackburn, Andy Hurst designed an LED feature for illuminating the large umbrellas that would extend out above the crowds on illuminated LED pylons.
Digitals special projects division developed a flexible, yet riggid LED solution that would flex with the umbrellas as they open and closed for touring. They needed the flexibility as an umbrella has a unique flexing motion, the design was thought up by Digitals co-owner Stevie Watts. His unique approach to the problem created a new product called 'RigiFLEX' that went in to each of 14 umbrellas with 8 LED spokes running 1.2 meters each.
Andy Hurst refered to the amazing ability of the Digital 'Digitiser' as "The magic box, that reduced the need to fully pixel map the LEDs as they did every effect we needed in just 24 channels of DMX macros". The Digitiser pixel control drivers have an easy to use 24 channel instant light show generator capible of excellent effect. As a feature, the Digitiser also has BPM matching software to syncronise the lighting to the music beat. This feature was extensively used on the Prodigy tour along with random and syncronised strobing.
The 5 meter pylons where also illuminated by 60 LEDs per meter Digital LED pixel strip, the LED strip was housed in aluminium profile 18 x7 mm dimension running the total length of the pylons on both strutts.
Other related news:
Stevie watts, co-founder of Digital led the purchase of LEDPoison in late 2014, Stevie purchased the business for its 'VideoFLEX' intellectual properties and for its excellent customer base in both TV and touring. VideoFLEX
Prodigy 'The day is my enermy tour' used both Digital DMT60M5V pixel strip and the Digitiser DD-320-6 touring drivers
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