Pixel Lighting Simplified

instant pixel digital lighting effects

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System bundle includes the following items:

1 x RGB+W Pixel LED driver
1 x 5 Meter RGB+W LED Pixel strip
5 Meters of extruded profile with diffusion filter
​1 x Power lead and LED power connector

Features include built-in PSU and DMX decoder ready for connection to small or large DMX controller. LED strip connects directly to the LED driver. NO need for  additional PSU.

Instant lightshow macros controlled by just 24 channels of DMX or full pixel mapping mode.

See DMX profile personalities

Pixel LED driver comes complete with a built-in power supply for direct connection to the mains supply with a voltage range of 90 - 256V AC.

The DPD-1-300 Pixel LED driver has a 4 digit display for setting many advanced features such as 24 channel DMX macro light show mode or full pixel mapping of individual RGBW pixel LEDs.

Show menu features

DPD-1-300 Pixel power driver is packed with advanced options such as RGB or RGBW strip control. Superior menu features variable LED drive from 1 - 300 RGB or 1 - 225 RGB+W LEDs.

DMX connects via external XLR3 sockets, LED connects via a 5 pin screw terminal socket.

IEC power connection
DMX 512 controlled
1-300 RGB LED pixels or 1-225 RGBW LED pixels
Sound to light function - internal microphone
4 Digit display for menu options setting

RGB+W  LED Pixel strip5 Meter IP65 includes 30 RGB+W LEDs per meter with 150 LED within the 5 Meter reel. Reel have adhesive 3M sticky backing tape for fast and efficient fixing method.

System also come complete with 5 Meters of extruded profile and diffusion filter to complete a professional look to any environment.
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