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Lighting Designer: Mark Woods
Set Construction: Block 9 London
Featured Product: Digital tape DD-SD-30-5V
Lana Del Rey - Endless Love Tour
Block 9 the london based set designer together with Illusion set construction designed and built the 3D imaging for the Lana Del Rey 'Endless love' tour. The set designed required the use of clever 3D printing on to flat stage props that would be constructed on set to create a 3D looking back drop.
Digital tape was then installed in to the window revels to create the illusion of a New York skyline, designed to mimic the endless light changes of a living building.
Due to the 3D nature of the design, standard RGB tapes would have been time consuming to install as each window revel would require its own RGB decoder. This problem was soon resolved using the amazing features of the Digital Digitser DTD-300, the feature used was the split pixel mode that allows the designer to split the length of digital tape up in to RGB pixel zones.
Each window in effect became a pixel, each pixel varied in size based on the 3D perception thus making a managable installation as each length of Digital pixel tape covered 10 windows on avarage.
Mark Wood LD to Lana Del Ray was said to be delighted at the simplicity of the Digitisers ability to split the tape in to pixel sections, ever more so when the length of the split is limitless.
Endless love toured the USA with both Digital DD-SD-30 pixel tape and the Digitiser DD-320-3 touring driver.
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