1. Managing Director
Lighting Designer: John Philips
Archetect:  Optelma
Installation:  Optelma
Featured Product: Digital tape DD-SD-60-5V
Fitness First - London
What is branding with light? Branding with light is the concept of taking a brands core values, brand image and corporate colours and replicating it through the engaging, exciting and alluring capture of colour changing Digital LED lighting. The concept of branding with light has existed since the dawn of the light bulb, but has only recently been revolutionized when Digital LED lighting became affordable, flexible and easy to setup whilst retaining the incredible effects associated with Pixel LED. This is done using Digital LED Tape and revolutionary Digitiser DMX Pixel LED Drivers.

A recent example of Branding with Light is Fitness First who have LED the way on a commercial scale with a dynamic lighting concept for their Spin Studio's across many of their flag ship stores. Utilising the latest in Digital LED tape technology Fitness First has created an engaging experience for thousands of fitness enthusiasts nationwide whilst also improving brand equity through the use of dynamic digital lighting. The beauty of such a system is that no matter what the trend, season or time of day, the lighting can be programmed and changed to react to growing demands or trends. This keeps the brand ahead of the curve and demonstrates a "Always moving forward" mindset for gym goers looking to improve their fitness and mindset. Keeping users engaged, happy, excited and focused is challenging so any solution that can help retain these values is worth implementing as demonstrated by Fitness First's desire to roll such a solution out.
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Stevie Watts co-founder of Digital takes a deaper look into the meaning of colours and how to use them proactively in larger projects. Research has proven that colour helps provide a better working and living environment through integent whites or a more indepth kinetic lighting scheme.
Fitness First Spin studios used both Digital DMT50M5V and the Digitiser DTD1-300 installation drivers
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