1. Managing Director
Lighting DesignerSam Liston - Matthew bates
Club Design:  F1 Sound
Lighting Construction: F1 Sound
Featured Product: Digital tape DD-SD-30-5V
F1 Sound - Club Bonbonniere London - Luke Pargeter LD
F1 Sound based in Whitstable Kent installed Londons premium nightclub venue Bonbonniere. The concept was to create a digital pixel lighting system in the form of a matrix. The lighting would serve a dual purpose of both suttle pastle shade and hues, to a more vivid and vibrant atmosphere for the clubs many party nights.
Bonbonniere is centrally located just off Oxford street behind the famous Selfridges department store, the clubs W1 post code makes it an iconic location for the rich and famous. The affluent club also sports a luxurious Faberge egg style interior set of further by the elegant digital lighting system. 
The BONBONNIERE brand is an internationally renowned group of high-end nightclubs with locations in the most glamorous capitals in the world including London, New York and Mykonos. The club is also favoured by the worlds most fashionable crowds. Cocktails with fire crackers are some of the clubs fun packed features along with music and dance well in to the twilight hour.
Some 400 meters of Pixel LED strip cross cross the entire width and bredth of the club, all full pixel mapped and controlled via Artnet. The pixels are controlled via both showcad & Madrix Pro, programmed by F1 sounds Luke Pargeter. The effects are simply stunning with high impack light shows being generated throughout the night.
Click the link below to watch the video of the lightshow in action,
F1 Sound 'Club Bonbonniere' used both Digital DD-SD-30 pixel strip and the Digitiser DD-300 - Installation drivers
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