Addressable LED strip controller user information
The Digital tape company has developed an addressable DMX - SPI LED pixel strip controller capable of driving up to 300 addressable LEDs. It has a built in power supply switching mains voltage
90 - 256V AC down to 12V or 5V depending on model.
The mains input is connected via an IEC connector that plug in to the socket on the "Digitiser" led driver.  There is a 2 amp fuse inserted in to drawer of the chassis mounted IEC socket.
The low voltage is then used to power the Addresable LED strip up to 300 LEDs, the power supply is rated at 60 watts.
Power balance mode is used when protection of the LEDs is required in such instances where the RGB LEDs could possible be left on in "All on" sometimes used to create white light. This is not advised as the RGB LEDs can be damaged. The power balance will avoid damage to the LEDs.
Note: Digital tape also comes in an RGBW version where the white LEDs are rated for continious use.
Display setting modes
  • Full DMX address setting
  • Test RGB scrolling
  • Built-in show patterns
  • Sound to light
  • Full pixel mode = 450 DMX channels
  • Select from 1 - 150 LEDs as a pixel
  • Allows RGB zone splitting
  • Mimicks RGB LED strip
  • Power balance
  • WS2811 / WS2812 / WS2812b
  • Reverse mode 1 = 150 or 150 = 1
  • 24 Channel macro "Digitiser" mode
  • Data XLR3 or XLR 5 versions
  • Pheonix LED strip connectivity
Pixel strip
DMX in / output                Main input
Compact all-in-one addressable DMX LED driver measures just 180mm x 120mm x 44mm fully inclusive of the power supply and control SPI control processor.
The "Digitiser" is extremely conpact that measures just 180mm x 120mm x 44mm. Its profession features ensure is suitability for TV, stage, entertainment and commercial lighting where pixel movement is required.
The "Digitiser" is fully compatible with Madrix.
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