Features and benifits of the pixel controller
  • Control every pixel LED for great light shows
  • See the light flow along the LED pixel strip
  • Drives 300 LED pixels from one driver
  • Instant light show pattern generator
  • Multi mode for pixel mapping or simple mode
  • 24 channel macro easy effects mode
  • Intelligent power system that protects LEDs
  • RGB or RGBW digital pixel control mode
  • Compatible with WS2811-WS2812-WS2812b
  • Digital display for easy DMX addressing
  • 3 Pin DMX in/out XLR3 for DMX 512
  • Power supply built-in, connects via IEC
  • Data connectivity using 5 pin Pheonix
  • 4 button access to all features 
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How does the Digitiser pixel driver work?
The digitiser is a pixel light show generator used to drive WS2811 or WS2812 digital IC controlled LEDs.
Its capable of instant beautiful pixel strip light shows by minipulating just 24 DMX faders, these faders can easily create stunning effects within seconds.
How the system works is by complex software that allows the user to gain sophisticated patterns along the LED strip. Such effects include comet, flame, sparkle, rainbow and many more.
The 24 faders are sorted in 3 banks of RGB faders so that the user may layer colours and effects over the top of each other, resulting in a very powerful "Magic box".
Andy Hurst, LD to the Prodogy uses the digitiser on ever life show.
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" Becoming a digital dealer has    improved my awareness of        pixel LED lighting.
   Its allowed my business to        grow with confidence in the      digital lighting arena.
   The supports been great and    the end result amazing" 
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